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Party building and cohesion Wenda innovation and development


[Introduction] Chongqing Wenda Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is in charge of the guiding ideology of 'Party Building, Innovative Development' and the four major projects of 'Pilot Engineering, Seed Engineering, Pioneer Project, Warm Heart Project' as the platform. We launched the 'Red Engine' and launched the 'Double Training' program, focusing on stimulating the sense of ownership of party members and employees, and vigorously building a stable and high-quality workforce for the company.

党建聚力  文达创新发展

[Text] Wenda Party Branch was established in March 2001. Wenda and Wen'an enterprises were formally established as the Party branch in November 2015. There are three party branches and 42 party members. In recent years, the Wenda Party’s general branch has implemented the “seed project”, and each party member and excellent staff, such as a grain “seed”, is generally regarded as the most important human resource of the enterprise, and “develops outstanding party members into business backbones or management personnel. The 'double training' program of the backbone of the business or the management of the staff. Every year, some outstanding party members and first-line outstanding employees, management personnel, and party activists are identified as key training targets. By holding amateur party schools and 'two-in-one' pairings, as of now, more than 20 party members have been trained and developed, including production. There are 4 backbones, 3 technical backbones, and more than 10 outstanding members. At the same time, 12 party members have been trained to become grassroots managers such as the section chief, which has effectively promoted the development of party organizations and the cultivation of enterprise talents.

党建聚力  文达创新发展

[Interview 1] Wu Yong, member of the Party branch of the Wenda Party: Under the implementation of the 'Shuangpei' program of the Party Branch, I participated in the study of the amateur party school many times, and the party general branch and the company arranged a good comrade and me respectively. Pairing, helping me and caring me in many aspects of work and life, let me grow from an ordinary employee to a technical backbone of a department, from an ordinary mass to a qualified Communist, I really appreciate The general branch of the Wenda Party has cultivated me.

[Interview 2] Qin Guorong, deputy secretary of the Wenda Party General Branch: Since the implementation of the 'Shuangpei' program, it aims to combine the party building work of enterprises with the economic development of enterprises. It not only satisfies the spiritual appeal of the excellent employees of the company actively pursuing ideological progress, but also satisfies the actual needs of the majority of party members who are eager to learn technology and enhance their business, and effectively strengthens the cohesiveness and combat effectiveness of grassroots party organizations. It is the party's advanced role in production and management activities. The effective means of concrete manifestation in it is an effective way for the Wenda Party to strengthen its advanced nature.

党建聚力  文达创新发展

党建聚力 文达创新发展

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